DHL Partners With Fashion Fringe to Teach the Design of Business

By Freddie Pierce
Written BY: Sharise Cruz You might not think of fashion when you think of DHL, but the logistics leader has announced that it will be supporting Fashio...

Written BY: Sharise Cruz

You might not think of fashion when you think of DHL, but the logistics leader has announced that it will be supporting Fashion Fringe, a design competition for aspiring fashion talent, for the fourth year in a row.

A judging panel of fashion gurus, including supermodel Claudia Schiffer, will survey designs from participants who will get the invaluable opportunity to showcase their work while taking part in DHL’s exclusive mentoring program that gives insight into running a successful business through logistics. Three finalists will be selected to show their collections at a DHL-sponsored runway event at London Fashion Week this September.

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DHL’s partnership with Fashion Fringe is a unique and mutually beneficial arrangement. The logistics company’s experience delivering prompt and convenient solutions to the demanding fashion industry can provide budding talent with practical lessons and participation in Fashion Fringe has provided DHL with a unique platform of exposure.

“Fashion Fringe gives us an ideal opportunity to share our expertise with these exciting emerging designers,” said Sue Perry-Whitehead, Joint Head of the DHL Fashion Forum, in a press release. “Through our mentoring program, the designers gain an understanding of how crucial it is to get logistics right in the highly competitive world of fashion, helping them to become not only designers but entrepreneurs.”

The winning designer will receive a two-year development package that will help them build and sustain their business and includes funding and business advice, long-term mentoring and an equipped studio at Somerset House.


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