DHL Launches Smart Sentry Tracking Technology

By Freddie Pierce
DHL recently announced that it has launched DHL Smart Sentry, a wireless locator device for high-value cargo that provides real-time tracking data for...

DHL recently announced that it has launched DHL Smart Sentry, a wireless locator device for high-value cargo that provides real-time tracking data for increased security and is the first device of its kind to meet FAA specifications so it can be safely used on commercial airlines in the U.S.

The compact DHL Smart Sentry provides increased security and transparency for shippers since it includes sensors for key criteria such as temperature, humidity, pressure, shock, location and vibration. The DHL device uses multiple modes of sensing and proprietary logic, giving it the necessary intelligence to automatically suppress its wireless radios to an off mode, thus ensuring safe and FAA-compliant operation during flight.

Once in transit, the DHL Smart Sentry transmits real-time tracking data and analytics via a global cellular network to a central monitoring location staffed 24/7 by the DHL Same Day analytics team. Additionally, clients can track DHL Smart Sentry deliveries through a web-based dashboard to monitor the progress and condition of their package.

DHL has partnered with the leading airline carriers who accept this new technology so it can be offered to global customers requiring expedited air courier delivery service, an innovative new logistics option.

“By implementing solutions for real-time asset tracking that harness the collaborative power of the web, DHL can increase top-line revenues by offering its customers value-added services many others aren’t, while saving money by avoiding lost shipments and customer dissatisfaction,” said James Brehm, Sr. Strategist and Consultant  at Compass Intelligence.

DHL Global Same Day, the special services group of DHL Express, will introduce DHL Smart Sentry as part of its white-glove service that guarantees the fast and secure delivery of high-value cargo items including mission critical packages, temperature-sensitive supplies for medical and pharmaceutical clients, as well as specialized parts and deliveries demanding extreme urgency.

“This innovation will provide enhanced visibility along the entire supply chain, and offers increased security for the expedited handling of sensitive cargo” says Vice President and General Manager of DHL Global Same Day, John Fox. ”

Edited by Kevin Scarpati


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