DHL launches second China-Europe multi-modal link

By Freddie Pierce
DHL has introduced a second road/rail multi-modal routing option for its overland service connecting Asia and Europe. Customers based in Chengdu can no...

DHL has introduced a second road/rail multi-modal routing option for its overland service connecting Asia and Europe. Customers based in Chengdu can now board DHL’s once-a-week service, which departs every Friday from Chengdu to Europe along China’s West Corridor rail line through Kazakhstan and via DHL’s intermodal hub in Małaszewicze, Poland.

The new weekly service is in addition to DHL’s current daily service offering, which departs from Shanghai and runs along the trans-Siberian North Corridor– with a transit time difference of up to 8 days. In turn, the new service also offers greater cost and CO2 emission reductions.

Kelvin Leung, CEO, Asia Pacific, DHL Global Forwarding, said: “Customers are increasingly looking to DHL to handle their shipments between China and Europe and demand for our original daily rail/road multi-modal service out of Shanghai has increased substantially since we launched it in 2011. This prompted us to seek ways to grow and enhance this service not only to cope with rising demand but to prepare ourselves for future demand as well.”

According to DHL, the current success of its road/rail multi-modal service is down to its ‘pioneering and unique features as well as its ability to meet the growing demand for flexible and environmentally friendly solutions in the market’.

“DHL is the only forwarder offering regular, daily rail departures to and from China via our intermodal hub in Małaszewicze, Poland. We provide a true door-to-door service by picking up goods from any location in China and offering last mile delivery by truck or rail to anywhere in Europe out of Małaszewicze via DHL EUROCONNECT,” explained Leung. “Now, we can offer more capacity between China and Europe thanks to the additional weekly service along the West Corridor.”

One of the most important distribution centers in western China, Chengdu is a hub for electronics, machinery, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, metallurgy and processed food production. The city is expected to become one of China’s economic powerhouses over the next decade.

Steve Huang, CEO, China, DHL Global Forwarding, said: “Chengdu’s exports exceeded €23 billion in 2012, up more than 30% from 2011, and many of our own multinational customers in the electronics and automotive sectors are based there. Chengdu was therefore the choice origin/destination for us after Shanghai as we looked at growing and enhancing our multi-modal portfolio linking Asia – particularly China – and Europe. This also bolsters China’s ‘Go West’ economic development strategy which is already in full swing here.”


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