DHL launches GreenLink lead logistics provider service

By Freddie Pierce
Follow @Staff_SCDeditor DHL Freight is launching a global service under the new product name GreenLink, consolidating DHL Freight's current and fut...

DHL Freight is launching a global service under the new product name GreenLink, consolidating DHL Freight's current and future LLP accounts across the world, leveraging the expertise from dozens of customers on three continents.

"DHL Freight already has a best-in-class LLP product portfolio with the global backing and know-how that only one of the leading logistics companies in the world can provide,” said Amadou Diallo, CEO of DHL Freight. “Bringing them all together under one, neutral GreenLink name will allow us to marry the global know-how with the local teams that understand their respective markets and customer requirements.

“This allows DHL Freight to offer a unique LLP service in the market place that is second to none."

LLP is the complete management and physical execution of DHL Freight customers' logistics processes and transportation requirements, improving  customers' supply chains by providing logistics optimisation and transportation requirements tailored to specific customer needs through reduced lead times, improved cash flow, and compliance.

Utilising a stringent due diligence process in collaboration with the customer to determine if there is potential for optimisation; savings range in the double-digit percentage points over the course of the contract. As a natural result of this process, customers also benefit from an improved carbon footprint, as transport routes will be optimised.

DHL Freight currently has some 60 LLP customers across Europe, the US and Asia and GreenLink will use a state-of-the-art, proprietary transportation management system called Plato to support its LLP service.

It offers a host of LLP services, which are modular in nature and are customised based on customer needs. Services include transportation procurement, freight audit and payment, transportation and carrier management to network design and consultation.


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