Centiro to help Rhenus Contract Logistics deliver customer-centric services

By Nye Longman
Centiro, a cloud-based delivery management solutions provider, today announced that its solutions suite has been selected by leading global freight logi...

Centiro, a cloud-based delivery management solutions provider, today announced that its solutions suite has been selected by leading global freight logistics solutions company Rhenus Contract Logistics in the Netherlands.

Through using Centiro, Rhenus aims to make its European contract logistics business more efficient by having greater visibility and control over its carrier network. This will enable Rhenus to buy and sell transport logistic services more effectively which improved customer service.

The Contract Logistics business area in the Rhenus Group manages complex logistics chains and provides value added services to its customers. Rhenus’ Contract Logistics division specialised in niche markets including health-tech, high-tech, media and e-Commerce services.

Centiro is the leading innovator in cloud-based transportation and delivery management solutions. Centiro’s products empower companies and finer supply chains in more than 105 countries. Rhenus Group is a global logistics service company with a turnover of € 4.6 billion. The Rhenus business areas - Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics, Port Logistics and Public Transport - manage complex supply chains and provide a wealth of innovative value-added services.

Niklas Hedin, CEO of Centiro advised how companies can deliver click & collect success in the June issue of Supply Chain Digital.

Ronald Udo, IT Manager at Rhenus Contract Logistics in the Netherlands, said: “We attach great importance to the fact that our services are adapted to meet the latest market conditions. Our customers now demand reliable, swift logistics to serve often urgent business needs, and while our carrier network was meeting these demands, it was also growing in size and complexity and so management was becoming increasingly challenging.

“By choosing Centiro we have found an innovative solution which we hope will help reduce costs and further improve the quality of the services that our customers need.”

“The logistics industry is being driven by the need to provide more services for its customers, but this is also introducing more complexity,” added Hedin.

“Customers now want their logistics to serve many different locations in shorter timeframes and expect the same consistent level of service wherever they may be. We feel we have developed a solution that will help Rhenus Contract Logistics in the Netherlands create greater efficiencies across its carrier network and increase satisfaction amongst its customers.” 

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