Casual Friday: Top Logistics Moment with FedEx

By Freddie Pierce
The video: FedEx Golfing Ad Quote: Boss: “Youre back in the office on Tuesday; Id like to see an updated PNL.” Employees: “No proble...

The video: FedEx Golfing Ad

Quote: Boss: “You’re back in the office on Tuesday; I’d like to see an updated PNL.”
Employees: “No problem sir, we’re all over it.”
(Office prop falls in the background, revealing the fairway of a golf course)

Synopsis: Logistics leader FedEx, a company that once put together a line of hilarious commercials featuring John Moschitta, does it again. Three employees, seemingly away on business, engage in a video conference call with their boss. Everything looks to be going smoothly until their faux office prop falls in the background, revealing the links of a golf course.

Needless to say, the boss is less than amused. Only momentarily stunned, one of the employees takes a golf club and swings it at the laptop linked to the video conference call, knocking it off the golf bag and onto the ground. Hilarity ensues.

Commentary: Well, we’ve all been here, trying to sneak away from the office for a little fun. Unless you’re the one running the company, it’s never a good idea to hit the links for a round of golf when you’re supposed to be working.

You’ve got to love the quick thinking by the employee on the far right, who quickly jumps up and tries to destroy the laptop with a golf club. He probably needs to hit the gym, though- it shouldn’t take an average adult male more than one swing to completely disable a laptop with a 9-iron.

The Lesson: Make sure your props are sturdy before lying to your boss.


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