The Carbon Disclosure Project: Holding Suppliers Accountable

By Freddie Pierce
Climate change is not only a world-wide buzz word, it has become a prevailing issue in the global supply chain. With customers increasing demands, of t...

Climate change is not only a world-wide buzz word, it has become a prevailing issue in the global supply chain.  With customers increasing demands, of transparency of greenhouse-gas emissions from corporations, businesses are now looking to their supply chain for improvements and innovation.

The Carbon Disclosure Project has held the supply chain accountable for its carbon emissions for the past five years.  The international, non-profit organization, collects and provides investors with information on greenhouse-gas emissions and related strategies through the supply chain.  Corporations are then able to compare which companies will fit with their environmental agenda.


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The Integrated Approach

The Coming Supply Chain Renaissance

Why is this important for businesses?  Because in today’s interconnected world, people have easier access to a company’s environmental business practices and make their choices to buy a product not only based on price and brand name, but how and where the product was manufactured.  Having environmentally sound supply chain delivery, of product to the marketplace, is almost as important as the product itself.

At the end of July thousands of suppliers, globally, will complete their annual report submissions about their carbon emissions and strategies on sustainability to the CDP.  Companies can then access the information online to compare the emissions of suppliers and how they are looking to manage that risk. 

The CDP offers a platform of collaboration and innovation.  Sharing of information has become very powerful and useful in driving the way that supply chain management is done effectively.  Holding businesses accountable to sustainability, is no longer just a suggestion.  It’s imperative to the survival of our planet.


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