Billions of tons of food wasted in global supply chain

By Freddie Pierce
If youre a lean supply chain practitioner or a Green Party member, look away. The United Nations recent Global Food Losses and Food Waste report came i...

If you’re a lean supply chain practitioner or a Green Party member, look away.

The United Nations recent Global Food Losses and Food Waste report came in today, revealing the shocking amount wasted in the global supply chain each year. According to the study, 1.4 billion tons of perishable food is wasted due to inefficiencies found within the food supply chain.

Food spoilage totals were taken from all food wasted from the fields to the consumer. Those logistics inadequacies could be directly tied to poor demand forecasting and market anticipating, according to the report.


A more global supply chain means that logistic problems are prevalent now more than ever. The study also lists outsourcing as a problem that can lead to more lead time and higher costs, increasing food waste risk.


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A report on thinks that more needs to be done when it comes to fighting food spoilage in the supply chain, and some of the issue comes down to effective supply chain management. Risk assessments and environmental conservation efforts could also be more vigorously put in place.

The global economy is coming back, albeit slowly, and the economic upturns can put a strain on the worldwide supply chain.

Those in charge of supply chain management in the food industry would be wise to follow up on the latest logistics, transportation and warehousing innovations to ensure that food spoilage is kept to a minimum.

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