May 17, 2020

New app converts employee behaviour into profits

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Freddie Pierce
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The SuMo app includes leaderboards and challenges
Follow @WDMEllaCopeland Experts in sustainability software CloudApps have announced the launch of SuMo, the first fully functioning mobile application...

Experts in sustainability software CloudApps have announced the launch of SuMo, the first fully functioning mobile application which converts employee behaviour into profits.

Available of the iPad and iPhone, SuMo promotes engagement, collaboration and competition among teams, offices, and individuals to decrease wastage on non-salary employment costs such as business travel, energy, heating, cooling, lighting, water and waste.

Delivered via CloudApps’ award winning Sustainability Suite, SuMo is currently being rolled out within major global organisations, promoting an increase in Corporate Social Responsibility activity, such as volunteer hours and fund raising which in turn creates a stronger brand image.


Employees using SuMo are engaged via game mechanics including challenges, leader boards, badges, points and rewards as well as social media elements which allow users to collaborate and achieve their personal targets faster.

The App also includes an idea management platform so users can submit suggestions to improve overall corporate sustainability, thus aiming to gradually alter employees’ work time behaviour while on the move or at their desks. Real time social graph technology allows businesses to reward individuals or teams excelling at meeting personalised targets, which roll up into corporate goals.

Priced on a per-user basis, SuMo has proven employee engagement results, according to literature released by the company. Companies’ trialling the beta version of SuMo have already demonstrated a 9 percent reduction in travel costs and 10 percent in energy spend. 

Peter Grant, CEO, CloudApps said “SuMo is a clear expression of CloudApps’ vision for motivating entire workforces to become more sustainable by becoming more profitable. Feedback from our customers has told us employee engagement is the biggest challenge they face. The proven results we are now seeing at global organizations running the application prove this is not just an exciting app for employees, but a key management tool that takes sustainability from an abstract top-down discipline to a bottom up approach delivering real results.” 

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