Jason Russell

Jason Russell

CFO, Supply Chain, Körber

Körber recently appointed Jason Russell as its new CFO for its Supply Chain Business Unit. Here, he outlines his new role

Career path to Körber?

Prior to my appointment as Chief Financial Officer, I joined Körber in 2022 as Executive Vice President Strategy & Corporate Development for the supply chain software business.

In this previous role, I supported the executive leadership team in leading mergers and acquisitions (M&A), global business development, and implementation of corporate growth strategy across geographies.

What does your new role entail?

As the newly appointed CFO, I’ve assumed a critical leadership role in charting the growth trajectory of Körber’s supply chain software business. Leveraging my deep understanding of the company's values and operations, I will be driving the growth of the business through corporate planning, M&A and global strategy while also overseeing the accounting and legal functions.

How can you best meet customer’s supply chain needs?

Today’s supply chains play a central role in creating a great customer experience and driving customer loyalty – which means retailers, manufacturers and logistics service providers need to run at peak performance to meet rising consumer expectations. 

This is not easy to achieve. To satisfy increasing consumer requirements, companies must manage more extensive inventories and increasingly complex systems to process rising order volumes and manage a variety of fulfilment options and services. 

Körber Supply Chain Software helps solve these complex issues for clients with our end-to-end supply chain software solutions that empower our clients to overcome obstacles, achieve operational excellence and drive sustainable growth. 

The success of businesses to serve the end customer is at the heart of what Körber does. 

How innovative is Körber Supply Chain Business Unit?

Ideation and innovation have always been substantial pillars of Körber’s success. We choose to think bigger, plan for the long term and act faster. We choose to seize the possibilities, and only a culture of innovation can help achieve all this.

That is because technology is not an end in itself. It supports companies in changing today for a better tomorrow. We help companies be better prepared to mitigate peaks and disruptions and introduce safe and ergonomic work environments while also consulting on the various ways of building sustainable supply chain practices. 

For us, technological leadership means making a material contribution to a sustainable future, where we still see a lot of potential for innovation.

Körber is the trusted technology provider for thousands of companies worldwide. That applies in particular to the development of innovative solutions. 

A good example is our Unified Control System, which addresses the orchestration of mixed software and automation portfolios that require greater capabilities than most traditional warehouse control systems can provide. 

We invest heavily in R&D, as innovation is at its core throughout Körber. Currently, our solutions can be found at 4,500 sites across the globe.

How can firms optimise resource allocation across the supply chain?

At a macro level, we are seeing a major shift towards digitalisation. That’s the first step in optimising resource allocation, as data can be used to make better decisions. Secondly, invest in technologies that complement existing resources and the skills of warehouse workers safely. 

Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) are often underestimated, with just 5% of warehouses employing robotics and automation. Automated technologies significantly enhance warehouse efficiency. WCS empowers facility managers to focus on system improvements rather than troubleshooting, underscoring its critical role in streamlining operations.

Advice to younger self?

Small, positive changes in your daily habits are the key to long-term success and improvements.

Plus, invest in relationships and keep track of your contacts. We live in a fast-paced world and it’s easy to lose touch with people. Take a minute to drop your old colleague a message on LinkedIn or send a WhatsApp message to your university friend, as who knows what that might spark.


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