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Netanel Kabala

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

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Netanel Kabala is an accomplished individual in the data and analytics field, prominently known for his role as the Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Nuvei Corp, a position he took up in January 2022. His responsibilities at Nuvei encompass spearheading the company's data and analytics, risk scoring and modeling initiatives as the firm advances its data-led services utilizing leading-edge technology, particularly catering to evolving real-time payment necessities​.

Before his tenure at Nuvei, Kabala co-founded SimplexCC Ltd and served as its Chief Analytics Officer. Under his leadership, Simplex significantly eased the process for cryptocurrency merchants to accept card transactions globally, addressing a notable challenge in the conversion of fiat currency to cryptocurrency​​. This venture caught the attention of Nuvei, which later acquired Simplex in September 2021, bringing Kabala on board as a high-ranking executive​.

Additionally, Netanel Kabala has an academic background that complements his professional trajectory. He holds an undergraduate degree and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Tel-Aviv University. Not just confined to the corporate sector, Kabala also shared his expertise as a lecturer at the Tel Aviv University - Coller School of Management, fostering the next generation of minds in the field​​.

His career elucidates a harmonious blend of entrepreneurship, corporate leadership, and academic contribution, making Netanel Kabala a notable figure in the fintech, data and analytics landscape.