Net Zero Europe 2023

Decarbonising Corporate Europe

Decarbonisation targets and global deadlines loom. Scope 3 emissions remain complex and realistic transition plans that detail how your organisation will reach net zero without sacrificing profit are required by internal and external stakeholders.

Uncertainty is clouding net zero ambitions. With high energy costs, lack of clarity around future incentives to decarbonise and widespread anxiety regarding how Scope 3 emissions can be accurately collected, analysed and reduced, companies are struggling to see how they’ll achieve absolute reductions across their operations without making sacrifices.

At Net Zero Europe 2023, a part of IMPACT Congress London, we’ll help you identify successful strategies and investments to track and manage Scope 3 data, develop transition plans that stand up to investor scrutiny and provides a roadmap to decarbonise your operations and value chain in a way that balances your need to remain a profitable, competitive business.

Date & Time

Wed 6 Sep - Thu 7 Sep, 2023

09:00 - 15:00 GMT

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