Digital Supply Chain Summit Amsterdam 2023

Digitalization of Supply Chain and Logistics

Supply chains are no longer relegated to a back-office function whose primary role is that of a cost driver. They’re now recognized as a strategic business driver that can make or break a company’s future success. And supply chains need to play a starring role if we want to secure the future of our planet. Supply chain planning decisions need to factor in objectives besides cutting costs and boosting margins.

There’s no question about it. The state of the supply chain is changing and, with covid going nowhere it’s no good clinging to old methods. While we can’t predict the future, keeping pace with top supply chain trends can help pave the way to ongoing competitive advantage and future success. This traditional supply chain model is linear, siloed and has an absolute focus on the physical movement of goods. For decades, this functional model has been refined and tweaked to support a global consumer marketplace and supply base that continues to expand. It’s been an evolution for the most part. But this old supply chain management model no longer meets today’s expanding expectations.

Traditional supply chains are being transformed with the application of the IoT, the use of advanced robotics, and the application of advanced analytics and big data in supply chain management. This is done with the help of sensors and connected networks which transmit the necessary data to analyze everything important for significantly improving performance and customer satisfaction. Techsommet’s event on Digitization of Supply Chain and Logistics brings all the industry leaders from across the globe under one roof to discuss how can we increase engagement opportunities and improve supply chain management with revolutionary keynotes and case studies along with panel discussion

Join us this October on 24th in Amsterdam Netherlands for an In Person Summit on Digitization of  Supply Chain and Logistics, where we bring together senior supply chain & logistics technology executives to try, to break, to create the next phase of growth in their businesses

Date & Time

Tue 24 Oct - Tue 24 Oct, 2023

09:00 - 16:00 GMT

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