The World's Top 3 Supply Chains

By Matilda Pilkington
Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at the world's leading supply chains, based on the recent Gartner’s report, Supply Chain Top 25 2020...

Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at the world's leading supply chains, based on the recent Gartner’s report, Supply Chain Top 25 2020.

Now in its 16th year, Supply Chain Top 25 has amassed an impressive group of leading companies with new insights and teachings to share. With the impacts of COVID-19 being felt around the world, supply chain leaders need to adapt agile strategy as well as reinforcing sustainable values, and this is the criteria that Gartner have rewarded. The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 is based on Peer Opinion, Three-Year Weighted Revenue Growth, Gartner Opinion, ESG Component Score and Composite Score.

Number 3


Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson are a world-leading healthcare company. Their drive comes from the belief that “good health is the foundation of vibrant lives”. They focus on ensuring that their suppliers provide the highest quality products and services as well as being aligned with Johnson and Johnson’s commitment to sustainability. To read more about why sustainability is important to supply chain, click here. Johnson & Johnson were founded in 1887, they employ over 130,000 people worldwide and are present in 60 different countries.

Head Quarters: New Jersey, United States

No. of employees: 132,200 (approx.)

Revenue: US$82bn

Number 2



Colgate is a global leader in consumer goods, and a leader in global procurement. Leading Gartner’s Top 25 in 2019, this year they are in the number two slot. Part of Colgate’s foundation is to build and maintain a supply chain talent pipeline. They have embodied adaptability and resilience especially during times of disruption. Colgate’s main focuses are Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care and Pet Nutrition they have a reach in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Head Quarters: New York, United States

No. of employees: 34,500 (approx.)

Revenue: US$15.5bn (2018)

Number 1 


Cisco Systems

Climbing 5 slots since the 2019 report, holding the top spot this year is Cisco Systems. A Telecommunications technology conglomerate, Cisco has an entirely outsourced global network including 1000s of suppliers and partners. They have more than 300 product families, most of which use configure-to-order (CTO) production models. 

Since 2019, Cisco’s supply chain executives and IT have made it a focus to re-engineer and automate several processes and capabilities throughout the supply chain. This, coupled with the consolidation to a single global ERP instance, have yielded a host of supply chain process improvements, including higher capacity for order fulfillment and increased efficiency in scheduling and returns.

Cisco is one to watch, the changes they are implementing throughout their global supply chain and over 71,000 employees worldwide are making strides in the Supply Chain world. 

Head Quarters: California, United States

No. of employees: 76,000 (approx.)

Revenue: US$52bn 

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