Trucking on with higher health insurance costs

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Health insurance costs are rising for just about everyone, including road-weary truckers and trucking companies.

Whether it's a self-employed trucker who works for a number of freight suppliers or a nationwide trucking company supplying insurance for hundreds of in-house truckers insurance costs are on the rise.

With healthy deliveries in mind, are just a few ways health insurance costs are impacting the trucking world and causing changes when it comes to logistics:


Truck Drivers and Health

There are a number of reasons health insurance costs are on the rise for truck drivers, the most obvious of which is the poor health associated with the trucking lifestyle. A combination of being sedentary 12 hours a day and working in a high stress environment leads to a number of health issues.

According to Freightliner's Team Run Smart trucking blog, before the Affordable Care Act came along, many truckers were turned down for health care coverage due to preexisting conditions.

Although the ACA does not take into account preexisting conditions, heath care costs are still increasing in 2015 for the trucking community.

As the following article looks at, there is much concern that Health Insurance Premiums Likely to Rise in 2015 is more likely than not.

The question is, with all of the healthcare options available to truckers in the New Year, why are premiums still on the rise?

Well, as mentioned before, the trucking lifestyle leads to poor health which is something that can't be ignored.

Unhealthy food choices and options on the road, a lack of exercise and abnormal sleeping conditions leads to an increase in obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis among other diseases. This gives insurance providers no option but to raise premiums to cover treatment costs for truck drivers.


Employer Coverage

Fortunately, under the ACA, trucking companies with at least 50 full-time employees are required to cover some of their drivers' health insurance costs.

Also known as employer shared responsibility, the ACA is creating an environment where drivers can offset some of their healthcare costs through their employer.


Independent Healthcare Coverage

For truckers who work for smaller trucking companies or independently, the Truckers Insurance Exchange offers a number of affordable healthcare options.

Available through the National Association of Independent Truckers, the health exchange has tailored insurance for everything from general health to dental and vision insurance.

From major medical insurance to life insurance to hospital indemnity plans, the Truckers Insurance Exchange works much the same way as the ACA's Healthcare Marketplace. The only difference is the exchange is geared toward health issues that are common with the trucking community.



Healthy Trucking Tips

The best way for truckers to avoid the high costs of health insurance is to lead a healthier lifestyle. Staying active and eating healthy isn't the easiest thing to do while on the road, but there are some tips truckers can follow.

During every pit stop and gas stop, drivers should try to raise their heart rates for at least five consecutive minutes. This means taking a brisk walk around the gas station or performing aerobic stretches that involve bending and twisting.

Likewise, choosing healthy eating options while on the road is also important.

Many major fast food restaurants now offer healthy eating options like salads and low calorie wraps instead of burgers and fries. Diet and exercise is the key to health even when truckers are on a cross-country run.


As the cost of insurance continues to rise, truckers need to strive for healthier lifestyles and more affordable insurance plans.


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