Target to transform supply chain as part of climate and energy initiatives

By James Henderson
As part of a new climate policy, Target has committed to sourcing 100% renewable energy in its domestic operations, with significant changes to be made...

As part of a new climate policy, Target has committed to sourcing 100% renewable energy in its domestic operations, with significant changes to be made to its supply chain operations.

In its announcement, Target said it will work with its partners to achieve its goals in “the coming years” the which we’ll work with partners to achieve in the coming years.

To it all happen, Target says it will be focussing its efforts in five areas:

  • Increasing adoption of renewable energy in its own operations, its supply chain, and on the electricity grid;
  • Driving energy and water efficiency in its own operations and supply chain;
  • Investing in innovations supporting the transition to a lower-carbon transportation system, including vehicle electrification;
  • Considering climate impacts in raw materials sourcing, particularly the impacts of land use change, and designing plans to mitigate those impacts; and
  • Supporting communities most heavily impacted by climate change and building their resilience to climate change impacts like extreme weather events

“Target has long been committed to making our business more sustainable, which leads to a stronger, cleaner supply chain and operations, and a healthier environment for our team members and guests,” said Brian Cornell, chairman and CEO, Target.

“That’s why we’re setting goals to reduce our greenhouse gas footprint, and working with our industry partners, policymakers and other stakeholders to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.”


As part of the climate plans, Target said it will reduce greenhouse emissions by 25% below 2015 levels by 2025 by ramping up use of solar and wind power to offset energy used at its facilities.

It is also planning to implement projects in its manufacturing facilities to cut two million tonnes of emissions annually by 2022.

In addition, Target has pledged to continue its work to promote water conservation, which has already saved more than 22mn gallons through optimisation of outdoor irrigation systems at 176 of its stores.


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