Supply round-up: this week's hottest supply chain content

By Sean Ashcroft
Food waste is fuelling hunger, and the shipping container turns 65 - a mere stripling compared to the world's oldest logistics company, at 500 years


Top Ten: Disruptive supply chain technologies

Disruptive technology is advancement that changes the way consumers, industries, or businesses operate. Disruptive techs have the potential to replace age-old practices. From 'fog computing' and automated truck convoys, to robotics and 3D printing, the future's already here for supply chain, and it's very sci-fi.

Happy birthday, shipping container. You changed the world

This month sees the 65th birthday of an invention that has transformed trade from being regional, to global: the shipping container. The 'wheel ' of its time, it gave rise to globalisation as we know it today.

Analysis: Is supply chain a government issue?

So the US Federal Trade Commission has ordered nine major retailers and wholesalers to hand over their supply chain data, as the Biden administration seeks to understand the nature of supply chain disruptions affecting the country. This begs the question: should governments meddle in managing supply?

Profile: Gebrüder Weiss, the world's oldest logistics outfit

At an astonishing half-a-millennia old, Gebrüder Weiss is by some margin the world’s oldest transport and logistics company. Today, Gebrüder Weiss group is a private freight-forwarding company that has facilities and offices in 150 locations worldwide. The remarkable story of this Austria-based company is a timeline of history itself.

Millions going hungry due to supply chain food waste

Earlier this year, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), sounded the alarm bells about how avoidable food loss is causing hunger for millions of people across the world. Now, a report by McKinsey says improved supply chains will be vital if hunger isn’t to become an even bigger problem.



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