Supply chain, logistics & manufacturing news roundup

'Complex' wind energy supply chain slowing adoption - SAP; Blockchain 'answer to global food supply chain waste'; Top 10 supply chain firms by VC funding

Blockchain 'the answer to global food supply chain waste'

Every year, one-third of the food produced globally is lost or wasted. Loss happens at every stage in the supply chain, from production and harvesting to processing and distribution.

Top 10 supply chain companies in Q4 2022 by VC funding

Top ten supply chain companies in Q4 2022 ranked by venture capital funding include, Waymo, Xingsheng Youxuan, Gopuff, Swiggy and Instacart.

'Complex' wind energy supply chain slowing adoption - SAP

The supply chain around wind energy is so complex and heavily regulated that uptake of the clean energy solution is being hampered, says SAP.

ForeStreet: AI & automation a procurement 'force multiplier'

AI and automation can add a huge amount of value to all facets of an organisation's procurement process, not least how it acts as a "force multiplier",  shortening sourcing cycles and freeing up time to accelerate other activities.

Supply chain data on Turkey’s manufacturing sector recovery

Resilinc CEO, Bindiya Vakil, discusses the manufacturing sector in Turkey, the impact of the earthquake & what supply chain data suggests about recovery.


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EcoVadis: Firms 'overrun by new supply chain ESG laws'

EcoVadis Carbon Solution Manager Julia Salant warns that organisations are struggling to keep pace with new and evolving ESG laws and regulations

Smart manufacturing helping auto OEMs handle supply woes

Deloitte Strategy and Operations Principal Laurent Becher on how smart manufacturing is helping automotive industry OEMs mitigate supply chain problems

Supply chain disruption 'likely to outpace resilience' - BCG

BCG reveals that although many firms expect continued supply chain challenges and uncertainty, few have an understanding of how to be more resilient

Flex among 330 firms given A-list CDP sustainability status


What is ... logistics?


McKinsey & Exiger on supply chain tech revolution

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