Sealed Air unveils innovative protective packing

By Freddie Pierce
Follow @JosephWilkesWDM An innovative new development in packaging has been unveiled which offers the latest in shipping protection technology for elec...

An innovative new development in packaging has been unveiled which offers the latest in shipping protection technology for electronic goods.

Sealed Air Europe, a leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection and part of the Sealed Air Corporation, has launched the first anti-static inflatable cushioning material designed to protect electronic products during shipment.

The product, the NewAir I.B Anti-Static Inflatable Film, is designed to service the European electronics market.

The product is the only inflatable cushioning material available that meets industrial specifications for electrostatic discharge, surface resistivity and creep performance. This is valuable for protecting electronic circuits that can be sensitive to static electricity.

The new film offers superior protection and features an ability to maintain its cushioning properties throughout the shipping cycle, resulting in fewer damaged products. It also reduces material storage space and provides a solution for cushioning, blocking and bracing applications.

The inflatable cushioning material is produced using the NewAir I.B.Express system, which can be accommodated easily in small, medium and high-volume packaging operations, delivering patented Barrier Bubble material at over 16 metres per minute.

Andy Robinson, European Product Manager at Sealed Air Europe, said: “NewAir I.B.® Anti-Static Inflatable Film is the ideal packaging solution for the European electronics market, providing greater value and protection for customers as well as static free cushioning.

“This film helps to ensure that end users will receive their electronic item in the same condition that it left the factory, without damage caused by static electricity.”

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