Round-up of supply chain, logistics and procurement news

Maersk, DP World & AD Ports buoyant; KMPG & Appian in risk webinar; logistics real-estate giant Mileway in €21bn deal; procurement GHGs warning

US veterans health supply chain comes under fire

A multi-billion dollar supply chain management programme for US veterans has come under pressure to end, following claims it is out of date and poorly run.

Supply Chain Digital Show: AI-driven supplier relations

The latest Supply Chain Digital Show on LinkedIn had as its guest expert Sheldon Mydat, CEO of Suppeco, an AI-driven collaborative platform for customer-supplier ecosystems.

KMPG and Appian offer third-party risk insight in webinar

With risk in the supply chain being so high on the list of C-suite priorities BizClik Media For this reason, we are hosting a webinar on the subject. Called Future proofing your Approach to Third-Party Risk Management, it takes place on Wed, March 16 at 4pm GMT. 

Pandemic sees procurement professionals more valued

Pandemic challenges have seen procurement's stock rise with C-suites and has elevated the most under-valued professionals in supply chain to new heights.

Public procurement outputs 15% of GHGs - BCG report

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) paper on greening-up public sector procurement shows scale of net zero challenge, and sets out a sustainability framework.

How do oil and gas fit in with net zero supply chains?

Supply chains have net zero targets yet still rely on oil & gas. Energy Industries Council (EIC) CEO Stuart Broadley on why sustainability is complex.

Mileway last-mile logistics real-estate deal is worth €21bn

Europe’s largest last-mile logistics real-estate company, Mileway, has been recapitalised to the tune of €21bn. The deal was announced by Blackstone, which is the largest owner of commercial real estate globally.  

Top 10: Mundra busiest container port in India & Australia

Mundra & Melbourne top lists of busiest ports in India & Australia, with Jawaharlal & Chennai and Port Botany & Brisbane next in terms of container traffic.

Logistics digest; Maersk, DP World & AD Ports all buoyant

Maersk in integrated logistics buy-out; record revenue for DP World & AD Ports; China Airlines Cargo grows fleet; Körber upgrades Sainsbury's supply chain.


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