H&M to use supply chain to help hospitals combat coronavirus

By Sean Galea-Pace
H&M Sweden is set to use its global supply network to source protective equipment for hospitals in the European Union and help combat the coronaviru...

H&M Sweden is set to use its global supply network to source protective equipment for hospitals in the European Union and help combat the coronavirus.

H&M is one of the world’s leading fashion retailers. The organisation said it was seeking an update from the EU on the most urgent cases. 

In an email, a H&M spokeswoman said: “The EU has asked us to share our purchasing operations and logistics capabilities in order to source supplies, but in this urgent initial phase, we will donate the supplies.”

Over the past few weeks, H&M has shut down several of its stores in lots of different markets because of the pandemic. The company has suppliers worldwide, but primarily in China and other Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India and Vietnam. It was thought that protective masks are the main priority, however, gowns and gloves are also required. 


Lots of countries have run out of protective clothing for health workers, as well as equipment vital to the treatment of severe coronavirus cases. H&M will help the areas which need its services the most.

There have currently been around 350,000 cases globally and this figure is continuing to rise at a rapid rate. Supply chains all over the globe have been affected, with the majority having experienced closures of facilities in the worst-hit areas. Companies and supply chain managers are trying various management systems in a bid to stem the influx of the virus but it is still affecting the overall product or service offering.

Despite the continued customer demand for some goods and services, companies have a duty to ensure risk management in the face of the deadly virus. This comes after McDonalds and Nando’s announcement that its UK restaurants will be shut as business processes are continued to be looked into.

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