From Source to Sold charts supply chain leaders' stories

From Source to Sold: Stories of Leadership In Supply Chain is a collection of stories, insight and opinion from 26 top supply chain executives

A major book charting the achievements and insight of the world’s leading supply chain practitioners has been published.

From Source to Sold: Stories of Leadership In Supply Chain is a collection of stories, insight and opinion from 26 top supply chain executives.

The book seeks to answer questions such as: What makes a great supply chain leader? What lessons do such leaders have for industry? How do supply chiefs win the ear of CEOs? 

It is written by Radu Palamariu and Knut Alicke. Palamariu  is MD Europe & Asia Pacific with supply consulting specialist, Alcott Global, and Alicke is a partner at McKinsey.

The publication includes first-hand accounts from supply chain experts, thought leaders, and industry disruptors working at businesses ranging from multinationals to innovative start-ups. 

Contributors share their often remarkable career journeys, and discuss the business strategies and techniques needed by today’s supply chain leaders to help their employers thrive in difficult times. 

From Source to Sold contributors 

Featured contributors include:

The contributors share their hugely different personal and professional backgrounds, and lift the lid on their varied experiences of leading supply chains in diverse cultural and geographical contexts. 

From Source to Sold was written to be an invaluable compendium of leadership wisdom and field-specific knowledge,” say Palamariu and Alicke. “It is a compass for guiding business through our ever-more disruptive times." 

The authors add that the book is designed “to equip readers with the global perspective and leadership mindset needed to take their career to new heights, whether they’re just setting out in supply chain or they’re a seasoned expert in the field”.

From Source to Sold is available in hardcover and ebook formats at leading online book retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Kobo, and independent bookstores through Indie Bound.


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