FarEye & Blue Yonder Collaborating To Improve Logistics

By Jack Grimshaw
FarEye has announced it has launched a partnership with Blue Yonder in a bid to improve its logistics execution, collaboration and visibility...

FarEye, a co mpany leading the way with its best-in-class predictive logistics SaaS platform, which helps companies predict, plan, manage and optimise their supply chains, has partnered with Blue Yonder, the indus try leader of digital fulfilment platforms.

The collaboration between the two companies will enable the empowerment of global enterprises, which will drive seamless interoperability between legacy infrastructure and modern supply chain and logistics tools. The capabilities of the companies combined will help to bring predictive, real-time visibility to supply chains across the manufacturing, retail distribution, logistics, and e-commerce sectors.

Blue Yonder’s Luminate platform will host the solution from the collaboration. The Luminate platform is powered by Microsoft’s Azure solution, and combines data from both internal and external sources to provide customer’s with digital supply chain assets. This enables smarter, more actionable business decisions based on artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

The FarEye visibility platform, carrier library and last-mile dynamic routing solution supports the Blue Yonder Luminate platform, and provides best-in-class solutions for end-to-end logistics operators with its transportation management capabilities. 

"Globally, approximately 30% of the spend on logistics is to tackle inefficiencies, creating an opportunity to save USD 1000 billion. Together, FarEye and Blue Yonder aim to capture this market with their joint offering, which will eliminate the visibility 'black box' in delivery logistics and provide an exceptional customer experience in the last mile," says Kushal Nahata, CEO, FarEye.

FarEye provides a logistics SaaS platform for execution and predictive visibility to global supply chains. It enables and provides the ability to orchestrate, track and optimise the logistics operations of supply chains and logistics across the world.

The company has been recognised by Gartner more than 12 times for its industry-leading efforts. It currently empowers over 150 enterprises around the globe, with its solutions active in more than 20 countries. FarEye delivers delivery experience and efficient movement of goods for both B2B and B2C organisations in an era which is increasingly focused on customers needs.

From predicting the unseen to discovering efficient paths for customers and clients, FarEye uses predictive visibility, seamless communication and single touch workflows, along with real-time tracking and optimised delivery routes to provide its clients with true optimised logistics operations.


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