enVista: New Labour Management Practices across Supply Chain

By Oliver Freeman
enVista’s Proprietary Labour Management Gap Assessment takes a deep dive into labour management system data to identify and remedy process gaps...

enVista, a global software and consulting services firm, optimising and transforming physical and digital commerce, today announces that it is releasing to the market a Labour Management Gap Assessment, adding to its already extensive workforce management service roster.

enVista is the only consulting firm to offer a robust Labour-Management Gap Assessment, helping clients identify gaps in their labour processes, which could be leading to decreased productivity and operational inefficiencies. The firm equips best-in-class tools and a team of consultants who are experts in analysing and interpreting data in order to optimise people, processes and technology.

“Optimised labour management processes are foundational to any successful operation, especially within warehouses and distribution centres,” said enVista Vice President, Technology, Tom Stretar. “We are the only firm that offers a robust assessment of LMS data in order to identify gaps in critical labour operations.” Stretar continues, “Our enABLE implementation methodology, in which we assess, build, learn and execute, drives unmatched strategic project prioritisation for a swift and successful assessment.”

enVista’s Labour-Management Gap Assessment includes key features such as a client labour management system (LMS) questionnaire, data accuracy validation, LMS accuracy validation, LMS gap analysis, value vs non-value-add analysis, accountability policy review and an incentive plan audit.

Just a few of the tangible, operational improvements that are made possible from utilising enVista’s Labour-Management Gap Assessment include improved labour efficiency and utilisation; project prioritisation; reduction of indirect hour spend; reduction of cost per unit and reduction of overtime.

enVista’s additional workforce management services include LMS selection and implementation; workforce development and training; labour value assessment; operational assessment; transformation planning; distribution centre optimisation; Lean Six Sigma training, and more.

About enVista

If you haven't heard of enVista before, here's a little bio: 

"enVista is a global software, consulting, and managed services provider, optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce for the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors, distributors, 3PLs/LSPs, and omnichannel retailers. enVista uniquely optimizes and transforms physical and digital commerce – optimizing supply chain efficiencies to drive cost savings, and unifying commerce to drive customer engagement and revenue. These comprehensive capabilities, combined with enVista’s market-leading Unified Commerce Platform, Enspire Commerce and the firm’s ability to consult, implement and operate across supply chain, transportation, IT, enterprise business solutions and omnichannel commerce, allows mid-market and Fortune 100/5000 companies to leverage enVista as a trusted advisor across their enterprises. Consulting and solutions delivery are in our DNA. Let’s have a conversation.™"


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