Data-driven visibility focus of webinar insights

Execs from Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Hive & Thermo Fisher Scientific to discuss how data can lead to globally actionable insights across operations

Data-driven supply chain visibility has never been more important to businesses who, in the face of ongoing cost inflation and market uncertainty & disruption, seek not merely to survive, but thrive.

To this end, BizClik is hosting a webinar in which business leaders share lessons and insights on moving high-value scientific equipment, instruments and chemicals across land and sea, and into the hands of customers, despite the enormous difficulties besetting businesses today. 

Called ‘Proactive Supply Chain: Turning Data into Action’, the webinar will look at how using real-time visibility helps with risk mitigation and informed decision making, to improve operations and customer satisfaction, globally.

Participants include 

  • Dennis Perjet, who is Head of Strategic Accounts EMEA at Tive, a shipment-monitoring platform, where Perjet supports global sales, marketing and partner activities.
  • Henning Pottharst is Head of Global Smart Solutions Tracking and Innovation, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. The German logistics services company has 300 offices worldwide. For the past 16 years Pottharst served there in various roles in supply chain management.
  • Stefan Borggreve is Chief Digital Officer at Hellmann. After earning an MSc in information systems, Borggreve worked in various leadership positions in IT for Hellmann. Since July 2019, he has been responsible for innovation and transformation.
  • Amber van Oort is Transportation Analyst at Thermo Fisher Scientific,   an American supplier of scientific instrumentation and software services. van Oort is responsible for supporting supply chain business functions within Thermo’s Materials & Structural Analysis division by analysing and optimising transportation networks.

The webinar will be moderated by BizClik Managing Editor Neil Perry, who has two decades of multimedia experience.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday February 8 2023 at 10:00am GMT.


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