C3.ai: the future of manufacturing with enterprise AI

By Georgia Wilson
C3.aihelps leading manufacturers address core manufacturing goals with the use of enterprise artificial intelligence. By integrating data from enterpri...

C3.ai helps leading manufacturers address core manufacturing goals with the use of enterprise artificial intelligence.

By integrating data from enterprise systems, operational sources, sensor networks and external providers, C3.ai uses this information to power machine learning models, to generate predictive insights for the manufacturing industry. As a result the technology increases a company’s throughput, supply chain efficiency and service revenue.

Applications for the manufacturing industry

C3 inventory optimisation

Using advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimisation techniques, C3.ai’s inventory optimisation technology reduces a manufacturers inventory levels, while ensuring that they still have stock when and where it is needed.


  • Real time recommendation, time monitoring and data

  • Ability to specific maximum acceptable risk of stock-out for parts

  • Summary views

  • View, compare and benchmark individual parts and suppliers

  • “What if?” scenario planning 

  • Individual optimisation and scalability of parts and inventory levels

C3 inventory optimisation demo video:

C3 predictive maintenance

Using advanced machine learning, C3.ai’s predictive maintenance technology provides maintenance planners and equipment operators with comprehensive insights for asset risks. 


  • Access to real time asset health 

  • Asset failure prediction algorithms 

  • Asset risk management across entire portfolio

  • Diagnostics and projection 

  • Ability to track, benchmark and rank performance

  • Comprehensive closed-loop workflow and coordinated alerts and notifications

C3 predictive maintenance demo video:


C3 energy management 

Also using machine learning, AI and optimisation algorithms, C3.ai’s energy management technology helps company’s gain energy expenditure visibility, as well as the ability to prioritise actions to reduce operational costs.


  • Streaming analysis of energy

  • Peak demand forecasting

  • Ability to analyse end use disaggregation

  • Complete optimisation

  • Ability to detect anomalies

  • Alerts and recommendations to improve operations

  • Tracking and reports 

  • Ability to maximise finance 

  • Real time analytics

  • Integrate data from multiple sources to drive high value insights

C3 energy management demo video:

C3 sensor health

Using advanced machine learning, C3.ai’s sensor health technology integrates and analyses data from multiple systems to ensure IoT devices and network infrastructures are operating effectively during the deployment and the operational life cycle of the devices.


  • Executive dashboard

  • Ability to identify deployment issues, malfunctions, forecast future deployment progress and optimise field service

  • Ensure installation data is correct, consistent and current

  • Reporting and analysis

  • Ability to visualise planned deployments, actual deployments, provisioning progress and issues


By applying advanced machine learning and AI, C3.ai’s CRM technology provides its users with a real-time predictive customer relationship management (CRM) application to drive operational excellence.


  • Improved revenue forecasting accuracy, in near real time

  • Recommended best actions for sales representatives

  • Predictive lead quality and lifetime value 

  • Ability to leverage geolocation and mobile device data for timely and accurate recommendations

  • Analyse and monitor performance

To find out more about C3.ai’s enterprise AI services for the manufacturing industry head over to the C3.ai website.

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