BluJay: navigating disruption across global supply chain

By Sean Galea-Pace
BluJay Solutions has released its latest version of its transportation, distribution and compliance software applications...

In BlueJay’s latest version, 20.2, it offers expanded capabilities to provide advanced data sharing, capacity planning and shipment tracking to optimise payment, insurance and compliance processes across global supply chains.

“Over the last several months the supply chain industry has faced disruption in ways that it never has before. They say necessity is the mother of invention – or here at BluJay, of innovation,” commented David Landau, Chief Product Officer at BluJay Solutions. “The investments we’ve made across our product portfolio accelerate our customers’ abilities to meet new and complex challenges. Across the board, our teams are partnering with our clients to bring them new features, new modules, and new ways to leverage our vast network of carriers and 3PLs, and to help them more easily navigate ongoing changes impacting their logistics operations.”

The enhancements included in version 20.2 of BluJay’s software applications include:

  • Network solutions

SpotFinder, BluJay’s streamlined capacity identification tool for the carrier network, has been enhanced to support additional equipment types, display primary and additional carrier contacts, as well as various workflow improvements to provide shippers with context around historical usage of carriers.

  • Partner integrations

With the addition of TriumphPay’s platform to BluJay’s Websettle in the Transportation Management application, users have access to optimised freight payment services to process, settle, and manage carrier payments across all modes of transportation. This integration allows carriers to avoid waiting weeks or months to get paid, while reducing the shipper’s administrative burden and resources needed to process carrier invoices.

  • Tailored data insights

BluIQ by BluJay users can create multiple dashboards and tailor them to their specific needs. Added flexibility and usability enhancements make the table widget easier to use and more effective.

  • Parcel visibility

Upgrades to BluJay’s Parcel Track and Trace module allow users to track single or multiple package details of a shipment and also import shipments not processed through BluJay’s Parcel application. Users also have the ability to search for shipments using an Advanced Tracking function.

  • Enhanced usability for LSP Platform

The LSP Platform has been upgraded to offer a web front-end for uploading master data (MDM) directly into the application, saving users time and reducing errors. PTV xServer2 map support has been added as well, allowing users to display map layers (truck attributes, traffic, toll, etc.) directly in the LSP Platform.

  • Expanded compliance coverage for global trade efficiency

In Customs Management-US, country and procedures coverage has been updated to include program changes for the implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) Trade Agreement, as well as the programs necessary for filing data for U.S. Fish & Wildlife-regulated goods. 

  • Improved fleet dispatch operations

In BluJay’s mobility solution, MobileSTAR, dispatchers can now manage and be alerted to exceptions based on maximum capacity, which means they can fully utilise the capacity of the fleet while helping ensure they do not overload the capacity of a vehicle, at the same time having the option to set caps on the job, consignment, and item levels. In addition, mobile users can now send an urgent message if a driver needs assistance due to an accident or for queries that require a quick response. A notification box will appear at the top of Dispatcher when in the planning or user dashboard area until it has been acknowledged.


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