Blue Yonder, Uber Freight in digital supply chain drive

By Sean Galea-Pace
Blue Yonder and Uber Freight has announced a collaboration to help businesses create efficient and transparent global supply chains at a vital time...

Digital transformation initiatives have been ramping up over the past few months as enterprises that ship goods begin to embrace flexible operations to keep up with shifting demand.

In order to quickly and successfully recover from supply shortages, it is important to create a resilient business for the long-term and it requires a well-managed, digitised supply chain, including freight transportation.

In a bid to meet businesses’ varied logistics needs, Blue Yonder and Uber Freight are collaborating to ensure shippers can instantly tap into real-time services and a reliable capacity network within the tools they already use. Uber Freight will integrate directly within the Blue Yonder Luminate Platform to power the dynamic pricing discovery solution to provide instant quoting of real-time market-based prices and instant booking capabilities within two weeks in advance of loads. 

“Uber Freight’s partnership with Blue Yonder will provide businesses the innovative tools they need to implement digital transformation in their freight process, enabling end-to-end visibility from planning to execution,” said Laurent Hautefeuille, Head of Business Development at Uber Freight. “Together, we’re making our tech-forward approach to freight – from real-time pricing to instant capacity – available to more businesses looking for more foresight and control of their operations in today’s dynamic market.”

Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform is powered by Microsoft Azure and combines rich internal and external data from across a customer’s digital supply chain assets to allow for smarter, more actionable artificial intelligence and machine learning based business decisions. Using an API, the dynamic pricing discovery solution will allow businesses that use the Blue Yonder transportation management solution to tap into automated execution, dynamic routing guides and Uber Freight carriers in the US and Europe.

“At Blue Yonder we want to empower companies with real-time data to make informed, intelligent, profitable decisions, ultimately accelerating global business growth and we know Uber Freight is aligned with this mission,” said Terry Norton, Vice President, 3PL & Transportation at Blue Yonder. “We’re thrilled to amplify our offering with their freight network density and unique real-time pricing to give our customers an edge in this challenging market.”


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