Bentley Motors: driving smart supply

By Georgia Wilson
Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at Bentley Motors, which ranked fourth in our November Top 10 luxury car supply chains. With 100 years of trad...

Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at Bentley Motors, which ranked fourth in our November Top 10 luxury car supply chains.

With 100 years of trading and manufacturing luxury cars under its belt, Bentley Motors founding vision was “to build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class” and is still true today. When it comes to responsible manufacturing Bentley Motors focuses on smart supply and sustainability.  

Smart Supply 

By incorporating its logistics centre to be adjacent to the main supply hall, Bentley Motors has achieved a 30% reduction when it comes to parts handling. Being part of the Volkswagen Group, Bentley is able to combine its worldwide component and material suppliers.


Solar Power: 100% of Bentley’s on site electricity is produced by solar panels or is certified green energy. Bentley’s total on-site capacity is now 7.7MW, the system could reduce CO2 emissions by 3,300 tonnes per year.


Water usager: Bentley has replaced its original intensive water processes on site with circulating systems to avoid unnecessary waste. Water usage was reduced from 20.91m3 per vehicle in 2010, to 11.00m3 per vehicle in 2016.

Zero landfill: Bentley strives to maximise its recycling potential and divert landfill waste. Utilising recycling facilities both in offices and on the production line Bentley has increased its recycling rates, with several months achieving zero-to-landfill waste levels.

Did you know? Following its significant reductions in key environmental areas, Bentley is the first UK automotive manufacturer to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standards. In addition, Bentley has achieved ISO 14001 (2015) environmental and ISO 50001 energy management standards.

Bentley Motors in facts and figures:

Operating markets: 58

Retail partners: 203

Number of employees: 4000 (Pyms Lane headquarters, Crewe, Cheshire)

Rolls-Royce brought Bentley Motors in 1931 for US$160,962

Volkswagen Group acquired Bentley in 1998, investing US$1.28bn in factory upgrades

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Image source: Bentley Motors


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