The benefits of Speciality Thermal Label Converters

By Dale Benton
What are thermal labels? Thermal labels are a key factor in the success of pretty much every supply chain. They are used to label inventory, from clothi...

What are thermal labels? Thermal labels are a key factor in the success of pretty much every supply chain. They are used to label inventory, from clothing to furniture, fruits, vegetables and even automobiles and industrial equipment. Companies even set aside Thermal label budgets in their overall annual budgets, that’s how important a role they play in a supply chain. But, what can companies do to better manage their thermal label process? We spoke recently with a national retailer on converting to thermal label speciality converters, and how they can in turn save a company million in the long run.

Here are some of the key things we learned:

  • Thermal labels are costing retail chains millions each month, but by turning to speciality converters they can reduce annual labelling budgets by up to 40 percent.
  • These savings can be achieved through the partnering speciality providers passing on savings to the company due to bulk purchasing power of thermal media direct from its source without voiding OEM warranties.
  • National retailers can save almost a million dollars a year through speciality converters
  • One of the most essential labels that some retail chains require is a product ID label, which can be used to track inventory at over 1,000 retail stores nationwide and distribution centres. This helps replenish store supplies much more effectively.
  • A retail chain will identify a thermal label converter through a Request for Proposal (RFP) to multiple suppliers, which is then followed by careful vetting of each to determine the company’s stability and long-term viability.
  • Using thermal label converters, such as OMNI Systems, it removes the possibility of human error with regards to inventory management. This type of program requires the label converter to maintain its own sizable inventory as agreed on by the customer.
  • Thermal label converters, eradicating human error, provide many advantages for a retail chain supplier, including guaranteed product availability, less cash invested in inventory sitting on a shelf somewhere and a significant cost saving by eliminating the need for overnight or expedite fees.

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