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Epic is one of the largest telecommunication providers in Cyprus. It provides integrated mobile and fixed telephony, internet and pay-TV services, as well as specialised ICT solutions for businesses. At the same time, the company has its own network of sales points, operating 19 stores all over Cyprus with technology products, accessories and telecommunication solutions. The company employees over 330 professionals, all with vast knowledge and expertise in the field of telecommunications and technology. Combining a great network at great value, in 2019 the company proceeded with the implementation of a large investment for a new, super-fast mobile network with 10 times more capacity compared to the past. Now, two years later , with an even bigger investment, the company is implementing a new fibre-to-the-home network for Cyprus. Epic belongs to Monaco Telecom, the Principality of Monaco provider and is a member of a dynamic European telecoms family which comprises of telecom providers operating in France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Monaco and Malta.

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Yiannis Michaelides

Chief Technical and Information Officer

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