Supply Chain Transition Manager

My background is varied across a range of supply chain areas from backend retail procurement, inventory management through FMCG, construction sectors and service provider in specialized third party logistics. Over the past 20 years the desire for continuous improvement, business growth and development has built my foundations to ensure that where my career bases me sees the supply chain as an efficient enabler of sales. Right now that base is McAlpine Hussmann.

Outside of the office I am a keen BMX rider that despite the occasional visit to hospital services, has been a lifelong passion. I speak some almost tolerable Portuguese at a basic conversation level, Portuglish to my wife and in-laws. I’m always keen to learn from and about people, over coffee or drinks in all sorts of environments, our stories and histories are all as interesting and unique as those they belong to.

A spirit of supporting others features heavily in my life having consulted to non-profit organisations and getting involved in community based projects locally. Equally as comfortable in boots and oilskin fixing fences as I am in a boardroom there is a diverse range to the way I live.

Chances are if we’ve worked hard together, I’ll offer you a cold beer and a laugh.