Renting Colombia

Renting Colombia

Driving availability and efficiency...

Client-centered functionality

Renting Colombia's business model is a client-centered operation, which has become a key factor for the company's success and longevity. Vehicle availability — which is covered in 95 percent — is the first of many attributes displayed by the company, a trait that does not affect a client's productivity.

   Renting Colombia's share of vehicles is relatively balanced between 60 percent light vehicles and 40 percent heavy vehicles. These same figures are reverted revenue-wise, as heavy vehicles bring the company 60 percent of its earnings.

  The Localiza operation is mostly for individual clients who need a vehicle, both on a short- and on a long-term basis. Replacement cars from auto insurance companies fall in this category, as well as cars rented by tourists, corporate rentals for personnel transportation.

   "Our strategic vision allows us to think from each client's perspective," Santa Restrepo said.

Technology and big data for clients' benefit

Any vehicle renting company is able to offer GPS tracking, but Renting Colombia goes farther with onboard systems that transmit vehicle operation data to a central monitoring location. This allows tracking of irregular operations such as drivers exceeding speed limits, engaging in a sudden jam on the brakes, idle vehicles and other abnormal behaviors.

   "We deliver a report to our clients, suggesting areas for driver improvement," the executive said.

   A total of 18 integrated programs and apps make up Renting Colombia's software portfolio, improving operational and managerial vehicle control. These programs include invoicing, drivers dispatch, vehicle logistics and other data fields.

Frontline for a set of value added services

Renting Colombia's main commitment is supplying vehicle units from the country's best manufacturers, with whom long-lasting business relations have been established. Working with the best vehicle manufacturers goes farther than operating with fine quality end products; it also is directly related to receiving aftermarket support such as reliable vehicle maintenance.

   Auto insurance for Renting Colombia's vehicles is provided by SURA, one of the most important brokers in Colombia and the region.

   "We have surrounded our clients with a network of allies able to provide the best possible services in the name of Renting Colombia," Santa Restrepo explained.

   The crown jewel of Renting Colombia vendor services is the "En Route to Service Excellence" program, which evaluates, trains and rewards these companies' abilities.

Environment and CSR, hand in hand with purveyors

Renting Colombia and its supplier network work together in lessening the environmental impact derived from their operations. The company monitors and evaluates the way its suppliers handle residuals such as used motor oil, filters, batteries and other materials.

   Other efforts led by Renting Colombia include reforestation programs, in which suppliers also take part. These efforts have resulted in 20,000 new trees being planted in the Colombian territory during the last three years.

Company culture: environment for collaboration and development

Renting Colombia consistently ranks high in the Great Place to Work polls in its country. This is no surprise, since the company has programs to support its staff members as they complete their educations, as well as providing credit and travel opportunities to represent the company abroad.

   Meanwhile, management is always willing to receive improvement suggestions from its team members.

   "We are keen to detect the talent in our younger staff. We include them in specialized tasks according to the attributes we see in them, benefitting their development within the company," the executive explained.    

Future: augmented value and sustainable efforts

Renting Colombia's goals for the upcoming years imply an aggressive growth scheme, with the purpose of tripling its fleet value by 2018.

   A partnership with Medellin's power supply company will result in the acquisition of 50 electric vehicles for Localiza's fleet.

   "We are happy to engage in an environmentally-conscious practice by Renting Colombia, which will be displayed through Localiza," Santa Restrepo said.