Developing Road Transport in Chile...

Produced by: Lucy Verde, Operations Director for Latin America at WDM Group (Supply Chain) 

Today, the Confederation of Truck Owners of Chile is part of the main reference of the SME associations, the National Board for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Conapyme sector.

   The 110 members of local associations and seven Regional Federations.

Our Federation represents 39,000 Chilean transport companies operating cargo in and out of the country.

Its main objective is to seek the progress of their partners and land transport by truck in Chile, for which maintains an agenda of working with multiple public and private sectors.

   The CNDC integrates and is founder of the National Council of Small and Medium Enterprises, Conapyme, takes an active role in promoting the smaller businesses, bringing together 600,000 -. Chile and SME businesses employing 82% of Working on the outside Chile.

   Internationally, the CNDC participate in the Business Council Road Freight MERCOSUR Condesur. Also regulated through the State of Chile, according to the rules of the American Transit Conosur ATIT. The CNDC is a member of the International Road Transport Union, IRU, and a body that brings together union bodies transport truck. At the regional level, participates in multilateral bodies existing in the bilateral coordination and Conosur.


Quality for our trade organization as a principle that guarantees our competition, success and leadership in the field of freight

A collaborative, responsible and reliable organization that provides value to Truck Owners of Chile

News Update

The Confederation of Truck Owners of Chile is currently involved in the process of discussion and dialogue on tax reform bill that drives the current government. Its leaders are devoted to this subject, involving various tax aspects of the transportation industry. Also recently the CNDC was an active part of the 9th Transport Fair Chile, FENATRAN 2014, held in Santiago de Chile in May, and is the largest event of its kind in the country and one of the most important Latin America.

The Confederation of Truck Owners participating in the Roundtable on Comprehensive Transportation Security, in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport, the Federation of Professional Drivers, Chilean police and other public and private institutions, in order to reduce traffic accidents on the roads of the country and contribute to increased levels of comprehensive security in them.

Also, their managers are involved in various intersectional bodies whose purpose is to contribute to the progress of road transport.

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