Encouraging the spirit of solidarity among logistic operators in Argentina...

  From the beginning (15 years ago) its mission has been to promote good business practices, while encouraging the spirit of unity and solidarity among logistic operators, actively participating in legislative issues of all jurisdictions, providing deliverables on labour technical and commercial, or issues affecting logistics activities; also being present in any situation involving the interests of the sector.


CEDOL has two classes of partners: the so-called Active Members and Adherents Partners, which are usually suppliers.

Active Members are companies engaged in logistics of the following processes:

- Supply

- Warehouse Management

- Transportation, National Distribution and Cross Dock

- Regional Transport International

- Logistics Management Network

- Physical Security and Custodial Services

- Information Management and Documentation

- Completion of products off the production stage

- Other Logistic Services routinely defendants.


As Chamber CEDOL is an active member of FADEEAC and, as such, its Executive Committee.

The address of the Chamber is in the hands of a Board of Directors which sets the objectives for the short, medium and long term, and that these controls are carried out. This Board is elected every two years.