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Produced by: Lucy Verde, Director of Operation for Latin America (Supply Chain) at WDM Group 


ANETRA organizes, sponsors and participates in meetings, seminars and symposia related to passenger transportation by bus or other matters of interest to the sector. These events serve as a platform for motor coach passenger transportation companies to collaborate and strengthen the relationships among themselves, as well as their relationships with different government entities and with the public in general.  

   Each member company has a number of statutory rights that allow it to participate in the institution’s decision-making process. Member companies also acquire a number of benefits and support services, such as legal counsel, vehicle and passenger insurance consulting services, specialized assistance in case of traffic accidents, staff and management training courses, access to relevant conferences and events, and the assistance of a safety and health at work technician among others. 

   ANETRA’s member companies are characterized -and recognized -for heavily reinvesting in the industry. These companies perform a public service that has as its main objective the efficient and safe movement of people. ANETRA’s member companies take this task very seriously, and constantly reinvest to maintain and improve the industry’s standards of quality, safety and modernization. This reinvestment policy by ANETRA’s member companies has provided Uruguay with an internationally recognized transportation system in South America, especially in matters of safety, comfort and technology.

   Like any public service, the cornerstone of the activity is the legislation that regulates it. In Uruguay, the Executive Branch of government is responsible for the rules and regulations that dictate the public transportation of persons. This causes the system to have a lower judicial certainty to what it truly requires to operate properly. Due to these circumstances, ANETRA is currently pushing for the transformation of this set of decrees into a true state policy; in other words, into a stable regulation that transcends different government administrations every five years.

   ANETRA understands that the best way to achieve this goal is to develop, promulgate, and adopt an overarching transportation law for the entire industry. The objective of an overarching law is to provide users, workers, and companies a stable regulatory framework, and to establish a set of guiding principles that clearly identifies the main ideas to further develop the industry.

 “ANETRA understands that the best way to achieve this goal is to develop, promulgate, and adopt an overarching transportation law for the entire industry”

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