Apkudo finds hidden profit and enables circular economy

Josh Matthews and Chad Gottesman from Apkudo, share how companies can tackle supply chain complexities and benefit from the circular economy

Connected device supply chains are becoming increasingly complex as the number of products and industry participants grow. As a result, many organizations struggle with fragmented legacy systems and high labor costs yet still don’t have the transparency, security, and connectivity across the supply chain they need to maximize margins. 

Apkudo helps customers tackle this complexity head on with its Circular Industry Platform, a single operating system that optimizes the lifecycle of connected devices, from launch to end of life. Already, Apkudo has been adopted by some of the world’s largest manufacturers, network operators, insurers, retailers, logistics providers, repairers and traders.

In addition, Apkudo helps eliminate new e-waste by providing a cost-effective, automated way for companies to triage, clean, test, and grade connected devices on a large scale. This has traditionally been a labor-intensive process, one that many organizations failed to make affordable, let alone lucrative—until now. 

Apkudo’s Circular Industry Platform replaces inefficient labor and disjointed legacy systems with a purpose-built integrated solution including hardware, software, and market connections. “Apkudo provides a fully integrated solution to ensure that items such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and wearables move quickly and smoothly to the highest value outcome,” says President Chad Gottesman.

“No matter where a company operates within the supply chain, they’re dealing with intense complexity,” says President Chad Gottesman. “Apkudo enables our customers to tackle this complexity and create new opportunities in the process.” 
Business needs are different for every organization, depending on their role in the connected device ecosystem. To accommodate this diversity, Apkudo is built as a platform with a set of modules, so companies can deploy only the capabilities they need and know that they can extend those capabilities when the time comes. These modules support the entire device lifecycle, including initial product launch, returns, device testing and grading, repair, refurbishment, resale, and recycling. 

T-Mobile, an early adopter of the Apkudo Platform, uses it throughout the device lifecycle. “Our platform assists T-Mobile with onboarding devices into their ecosystem, liaising with the device manufacturer, assessing each device, predicting its future issues in the field, predicting customer satisfaction, and determining the best possible value and positioning of that device after initial use,” says Josh Matthews, Co-Founder and CEO of Apkudo

T-Mobile also benefits from the Apkudo Platform because it provides a simple and secure way to connect to their business partners that participate in the device lifecycle. “We provide the fabric that connects all of those stakeholders together and allows them to automate their business processes, gaining the best possible outcomes for the devices that move through the supply chain,” Matthews observes. “The Apkudo Platform is there for T-Mobile at every step of the way, tracking devices and ensuring they have the data to make the optimal decision every time.”

“We’re obsessed with helping companies answer a simple question,” Matthews remarks. “What should I do with this device right now? If we can help companies answer that question better, we’ll be helping both maximize profit and reduce e-waste around the world.” 

Read the full T-Mobile digital report HERE.

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